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Everyone around me is an idiot

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Guess the words. It’s two words, first with six letters second with 7 letters. Hope you guess right


Diet Shasta


Shut up



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I’m a BBW slut
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Hope you have a stroke




lol fags


Fatty fucker faggot


lol mad

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I took such a big shit that I pissed myself.


How do you piss yourself on the toilet?

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Hello. Please come check out my new, comfy imageboard. Thank you :)





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Wanna play? You start


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This quarantine has finally got to me. The lonelyness of it all coupled with the election makes me feel like that I have no influence over my life. I feel like a slave


idk. maybe show your dick to people on omegal?

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What was the thing on the internet that made you numb. Earth-Chan made me numb.


Never been to earth chan
Probably b


Look up “earth-Chan yuri” it will fuck you up


I don't think it was anything in particular. I just started using 4chan back when I was 14, and over time I got to the point where nothing surprised me anymore.

I do know when I realized it though: I saw furry scat porn and considered fapping to it.

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