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File: 1598327954564.jpg (110.78 KB, 991x1015, 1555813389482.jpg)


and trannies


Fuck commies too. And niggers.


and goyim!


No. Fuck Jews

File: 1598053718341.jpeg (38.68 KB, 1024x954, 7C46AD5D-F794-44C3-8FF6-7….jpeg)


There was a Mexican kid at my school who looked like someone who would get thrown from a helicopter by the caravan of death. And there was a fat nigger with a stupid haircut who looked like he would join SWAPO and get shot by the South African army during apartheid.


File: 1598206649441.png (778.24 KB, 1080x2160, inbound2881396349433646726.png)


An non-ugly Mexican? Must Be a Spaniard an not a normal spic.

File: 1597855320508.png (77.51 KB, 512x512, 81C10FD9-1784-4E72-A258-F2….png)


What did you eat for breakfast, anon? I ate Frosted Flakes.


i don't eat breakfast


Eat it anyway


you're not my dad


Or AM I?


now we have frosted flakes AND milk

File: 1597761558754.jpeg (24.9 KB, 260x270, 7C11B2DE-CF31-417C-880D-0….jpeg)


At post 200 I shall pick the most based and redpilled leader of any country to live.


File: 1597788368067.jpg (49.21 KB, 538x579, 101697035_600757804190399_….jpg)

File: 1597583885866.jpeg (31.65 KB, 225x225, CA55E678-3CE0-4185-B32D-D….jpeg)


I just discovered that my high school tard wrangler now is a gym chick. This is interesting


File: 1597613774967.jpg (100.82 KB, 2048x1024, 7dbffb772e1729f5049b8a1e7d….jpg)

you should challenge her to a tard battle.
pic related. it's me


I shou use my raw tard strength to defeat her


File: 1597619406157.png (36.97 KB, 200x294, thumb_carry-out-the-aforem….png)

File: 1597436342612.jpeg (274.35 KB, 577x789, 800015BF-60E6-4CFA-8CB1-3….jpeg)


The best way to troll lesbians is to go to tumblr, go the lesbian specific pages. And spam gay naruto porn. Or goatse, or even gay shrek hentai. All will do. Watch them cry over the fact that they can’t show that they secretly liek it. Rinse and repeat. Preferable if you and your friends all do it.

File: 1597252487039.jpeg (74.82 KB, 795x988, 2927BE73-A718-40AB-AF57-C….jpeg)


The best way to troll trannies is to find a picture of a hot girl (example shown) go to your nearest lgbt website/subreddit/whatever and post “I just started transitioning” with the hot girl pic. Watch the fags cry later. Rinse and repeat. You can do it with lesbians but instead say that your a lesbian with the pic posted. And send them an address for a irrelevant Pacific Island nation.


gonna try it tonight


Show pics of it


And don’t use this pic. Find a different one here

File: 1596838309774.png (65.39 KB, 359x347, 1595054700092.png)


Friendly hello from


hello. gifs are broken atm pretend i sent a gif of forest gump waving


I’m with my family eating tasty fried chikenz


tell your mom i said hi


She said hi. I got to see the remains of a house that burned down 30 years ago. And the disused pool full of frogs I walked near the pool and got scared by one croaking. I forever shall name him Pepe. There was a creek and I got a rock with my toes. It was fun to visit my family



File: 1596586689509.jpeg (26.38 KB, 189x267, 15C64545-F430-48B1-BE47-9….jpeg)


Here is the tits


File: 1596595201385.png (123.7 KB, 189x267, tits.png)



worst tits i have ever seen in my life and let me tell you, i have seen some terrible tits, but those, those tits right there are the worst.



File: 1596403801052.jpeg (120.19 KB, 800x600, B84A88B7-3AD6-4B28-9A2B-6….jpeg)


Кимдир бирөө мага дүйнөнү түрмөк деп айтат Мен сарайдагы эң курал эмесмин Ал сөөмөйү менен бармагы менен дудук түрүн карады Чекесинде "L" түрүндө Ошентип, жылдар өтөт жана алар токтобойт Эрежеге баш багып, мен чуркап жерге куладым Көңүл ачуу үчүн жашоонун мааниси жок Сиздин мээңиз акылдуу, ал эми башыңыз дудук болуп калат Жасай турган нерсе, көрө турган нерсе көп Ошентип, көшөгө тартуунун эмнеси жаман? Барбасаңыз, эч качан билбей каласыз Эгер кызытпасаң, эч качан жаркырай бербейсиң Эй, азыр сен жылдызсың Оюнуңузду улантыңыз, ойной бериңиз Эй, азыр сен рок жылдызысың Шоуну алып, акы алыңыз Жалтылдаган нерселердин баары - алтын Атылган жылдыздар гана калыпты сындырат Бул салкын жер, суук болот деп айтышат Азыр байлап жатасыз, карыганча күтө туруңуз Бирок метеорологдор айырмаланышын өтүнүшөт Спутниктен түшкөн тешик боюнча Коньки тебүүчү муз бизде жука болуп баратат Суу жылып баратат, ошону менен сүзүп кетсеңиз болот Менин дүйнөм өрттөнүп кетти, "сеники кандай болду? Бул мага жагат жана мен эч качан тажабайм Эй, азыр сен жылдызсың Оюнуңузду улантыңыз, ойной бериңиз Эй, азыр сен рок жылдызысың Шоуну алып, акы алыңыз Жалтылдаган нерселердин баары - алтын Атылган жылдыздар гана калыпты сындырат


Cyka blyat

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